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Highly Professional Estimators To Assist With Your Duct Takeoffs For Fast, Accurate & Reliable Solutions!

Do you need help with the ductwork estimates? We can provide you with the most efficient and accurate duct takeoff services that are guaranteed to meet your needs at the market competitive rates.

Our estimators are proficient with the best ductwork estimating software like FastDUCT, Trimble, Planswift, etc while utilizing the RSMeans for up to date and zip code based pricing for material and labor to ensure accuracy in your cost estimates.

We will use your drawing plans and transform them into a bill of material that properly defines and breaks down each and every component involved in your ductwork project. Not just that, we also render our services to assist you throughout the complete process from bid filing to project closeout.

Some of the world’s best companies have outsourced their ductwork takeoff services to us, you can rely on us too. Whether you are a Sheet Metal Contractor, Duct Fabricator, Wholesaler or Distributor, involved in residential, commercial, or large scale industrial projects, you can reach out to us for your short term as well as long term estimating needs.

Bid projects more effectively than ever!

Multiple Duct Shape Options

 With a thorough understanding of various duct shapes and their applications, we can also provide the costs for alternate duct shape options like rectangular, round, spiral, oval using your drawing plans.

Value Engineering Services

 We strive to save our client’s time and costs by applying the principles of value engineering during the preparation of budgeting and conceptual estimates.

Accurate Construction Cost Database

 Over time, we have developed an accurate database of construction costs that gets updated many times in a year and provides zip code based pricing. We also use RSMeans for pricing material, labor and equipment.

Customized Services

 Our estimate and bid reports can be customized by the cost breakdown material costs, labor costs and labor hours as per your needs.

For Sheet Metal Contractors


Our estimators perform linear takeoff on ductwork to determine sheet metal requirements for sheet metal contractors. We quantify all the components including sheet metal raw materials, joints, duct liner, tie-rods, stiffeners, hangers, duct accessories and fittings. Our estimate report comprises the costs for raw materials, die sets, operational equipment, logistics, labor costs, profit margins, etc.

Let us help you with your sheet metal estimates, we can assure you:

  • Fastest turnarounds to efficiently meet your deadlines
  • Improved estimating accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduce overheads

For Ductwork Wholesalers & Distributors

Duct wholesalers and distributors are our regular clients, we provide them prompt and error-free duct estimating services that help them in generating more sales. This way they advise the right material quantities to their customers that results in a significant edge over their competition and trustworthy business relations. Our estimates include actual ductwork material and shipping costs that can be customized as per your customer’s demand. We offer:

  • Quick turnarounds to help you in quoting more jobs in less time and acquiring more sales
  • Improved estimating efficiency leading to better profit margins
  • Pricing customized for each takeoff

For HVAC Duct Fabricators


At MEP ESTIMATE, we have the relevant experience and exposure to handle the cost evaluations for all types and sizes of ductwork, be it round duct takeoff, rectangular duct takeoff, oval duct takeoff or spiral duct takeoff. With the complete knowledge of varieties of ducts, their sizes and labor required for fabrication, our estimators review your plans and takeoff the quantities to achieve greater estimating accuracy. For duct fabrication, our estimates comprise a material, labor costs for different types of ductwork and duct gauge size and various fitting types broken down into each component of the HVAC system. We also provide you labor hours required to complete the job.

When you outsource to us, we help you to:

  • Reduce your liability
  • Improve your estimating efficiency & reputation
  • Save significant costs by accurately estimating the quantities

We Provide The Best Ductwork Takeoff Services!

Our team strives to provide the most affordable estimating services with a special emphasis on accuracy and quick turnarounds.

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What is our turnaround time for an estimate?

We normally deliver within 24 to 48 hours and always aim to deliver on time.

What is the format of our deliverables?

We deliver duct takeoff reports in EXCEL spreadsheets.

How much do we charge for ductwork estimates?

For an average ductwork estimate, we charge $200. But we advise you to upload plans to get a clear idea of our rates.