With our highly accurate MEP insulation estimating services, stop bidding high or low & win more projects.

Our expertise covers all scopes of MEP insulation estimates including commercial and industrial ductwork, piping, plumbing, valves, mechanical equipment, HVAC equipment, etc. We have a portfolio of serving diversified clients across the globe that are involved in the fabrication, design and installation of MEP insulations. Our clients include:

MEP ESTIMATE has built a solid reputation in delivering a complete range of insulation estimating services for MEP construction trade. Being an expert in this field, our team can tackle all types of insulation projects emphasizing accuracy, efficiency, and consistent outcomes. Our experts can work for you either on a short-term or long-term basis to deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

Our estimators are well aware of the increasing challenges faced by mechanical insulation contractors like increasing cost overruns, competitive markets while maintaining profit margins. We believe that only accurate and timely cost estimates can give you an edge over your competition by enabling you to bid on the right projects and set the practical margins.

  • General Contractors
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Mechanical Piping Contractors
  • Insulation Contractors
  • Fireproofing Contractors
  • Acoustical Contractors
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Pipeline Contractors
  • EPC Contractors
  • Insulation Suppliers
  • Installers
  • Fabricators
  • Distributors
  • Designers

MEP Insulation Estimating Services For A Wide Array Of Projects

MEP Insulation Estimates

  • Insulation Material Takeoffs
  • Bid Estimates
  • Bid Submission Assistance
  • Bid Review
  • Budget Estimates
  • Design Estimates
  • Change Order Estimates
  • Value Engineering Estimates
  • Independent Estimates
  • Litigation Claims Support
  • Expert Witness
  • Cold Eyes Review
  • Project Management

Commercial Insulation Estimates

  • New Construction
  • Retrofits
  • Repair
  • Offices
  • High rises
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Military Construction
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Prisons
  • Research Labs
  • Movie Theaters
  • Sports Auditoriums

Industrial & Piping Insulation Estimates

  • Process Pipelines
  • HVAC Systems
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Processing Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Co-Generation
  • Bio-fuels
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mining & Metals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Polymer
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive

MEP Insulation Estimate Deliverables

  • DigitalTakeoff Spreadsheets
  • Insulation Material Types, Quantities & Pricing
  • Labor Units and Total Costs
  • Labor hours
  • Marked up Drawing Plans
  • Vendor Quotes
  • Bid review with inclusions & exclusions
  • Professional Submission of Bids
  • Takeoff Summary Reports including but not limited to total material and labor costs, taxes, rentals, overheads, permits, profit percentages, vendor quotes and other miscellaneous costs

We Are A Professional MEP Insulation Estimating Company


The insulation estimators at our firm are fully aware of mechanical insulation types and installation techniques, therefore they come up with a precise bill of material with value-engineered options to optimize your project cost.


With the help of our extraordinary team of estimators, we offer an expedient turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours that can help you meet your bidding dates.


With proficiency in the latest takeoff software, we precisely measure the quantities that are translated into accurate material, labor and equipment costs. RSMeans database is used that contributes towards up to date and zip code based pricing.


When you outsource your insulation estimates to us, we ensure you highly professional services at market competitive rates. By doing so, you save up to 60% cost of an in-house estimator.


We have developed a standard procedure to facilitate consistency in our reports that helps our clients to streamline, review and understand the estimate reports as well as cross-analyze with the past projects.

Insulation Estimating For All Types Of MEP Systems

We have the ability to estimate all types MEP systems for insulations with wide insulation material choices like fiberglass, mineral wool, calcium silicate, polyisocyanurate foam, foam glass, techlite foam, glass wool, polyethylene, aerogel, cellular glass, flexible elastomeric foams, rigid foam, etc.

  • Pipe Insulation
  • Plumbing Insulation
  • Ductwork Insulation
  • Equipment Insulation
  • Exhaust Insulation
  • Tanks Insulation
  • Exhaust Insulation
  • Hot & Cryogenic Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • SoundProofing
  • Thermal Pipe Insulation
  • Solar Pipe Insulation
  • Cryogenic Insulation
  • Fireproofing
  • Firestopping
  • Furnaces & steam generators
  • Heat recovery steam generators
  • Removable Blanket Insulation
  • Electrical Heat Tracing
  • Cooling Towers
  • Turbines
  • Infrared Technology
  • Corrosion Control
  • Expansion Joints
  • Coal and gas
  • Biomass
  • Cold storage insulation
  • Access Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Insulation
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Removable Insulation Blankets
  • Sheet Metal Lagging
  • Noise Control Insulation
  • Electric Heating Products/Pipe Trace

Our Approach To Insulation Estimating

Our estimators have an advanced knowledge of insulation requirements, regulations, various types and their applications along with proficiency in the modern digital takeoff tools for insulation like FastWRAP, Planswift, Trimble, etc. Besides this, we also train our team to develop an understanding of industrial design, engineering and numerical simulations  This knowledge helps us to critically analyze your drawing plans and pinpoint possible errors while defining the scope of work. The use of onscreen software helps to accurately measure the quantities and mitigate the chances of error. The estimate report is prepared in EXCEL spreadsheets which makes it easy for the client to comprehend and make changes, if required at any stage. Our cost estimate comprises:

  • The detailed description of each work item and its unit.
  • The price of each item per unit
  • The total price of each item.
  • The takeoff summary report containing capital cost, equipment costs, escalation, contingencies, indirect costs, material prices, labor rates, vendor quotes, profit percentages, etc.

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How Much Time Do We Take To Deliver An Insulation Estimate?

We usually take 24 to 48 hours to deliver an estimate and always deliver on time.

What Is The Format Of Our Deliverables?

We provide insulation takeoffs in EXCEL spreadsheets that make it easy for you to understand and edit.

How Much Do We Charge For Insulation Takeoff And Estimate?

We offer estimates in cost-effective rates but the charges totally depend on the scope of work. Therefore, we encourage you to upload plans so that we review and provide you a free quote in the next five minutes.