MEP Shop Drawings Estimating Services

MEP Estimates provide professional MEP Shop Drawings Services in the construction industry; it includes few things that are given below:

  • MEP Coordination drawings
  • MEP Shop Drawings
  • 3D MEP Coordination
  • BIM (3D modeling)

Our process of creating MEP Drawings deals with a specific format which includes DWG and PDF format. They are used explicitly for Mechanical ductwork, HVAC piping, Plumbing, Fire protection and Electrical. Our professional MEP Shop drawings are compatible with AutoCAD and can be useful for 3D MEP Shop Drawings with different clients.

MEP Estimates is a reliable platform where every estimate related to construction is available within budget-friendly and on time. We provide MEP Shop drawing services for the following trades:

Ductwork Shop Drawings:

Ductwork Shop Drawings mainly include a few specific fields that are as follows:

  • Ductwork with mechanical equipment according to approved submittals.
  • Diffusers.
  • Registers.
  • Reflected ceiling.
  • Duct sleeves.
  • Ductwork sheet metal length along with (TDC, slip & drive).
  • Top or bottom elevations.

Plumbing Shop Drawings:

Plumbing Shop Drawings includes the following specific disciplines.

  • Pipes types identifications.
  • Sleeves when required.
  • Top and invert or Center elevation at each branch and drain location.
  • Storm and vent lines are drawn as 1/8” of slope and sanitary.
  • Grease waste as ¼” of the slope.
  • Unless specified.

HVAC Piping Shop Drawings:

HVAC Piping Shop Drawings includes different niches that are as follows:

  • Pipes types identification
  • Sleeves when required
  • Invert or Center elevations at each branch
  • Drain location

Fire Protection Coordinated Drawings:

Fire Protection Coordinated Drawings mainly includes several domains given below:

  • Pipes types identification
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Center elevation for each main branch
  • Invert elevation for sloping branches

Electrical Shop Drawings:

Electrical Shop Drawings contribute by delivering particular fields that are given below:

  • Electrical conduits identification and tags
  • Center elevations
  • Invert elevations

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