Our Pricing

MEP Estimates is a productive platform to manage or evaluate different prices so that every contractor can easily bid more. Our expert MEP estimators allow you to have competitive market rates, increase productivity, and measure a certain bid profit ratio.

Our expert team of MEP Estimators analyzes the exact cost of different MEP components and allows you to manage your construction project.

Our Distinctive Features

MEP Estimates is reliable and productive enough to provide the following distinctive features relevant to estimating services. We manage competitive MEP Estimates by deploying up to date zip code-based labor and material costs. Following are the few main distinctive features of our construction estimating services.


MEP Estimates is a productive and professional platform that can understand the importance of achieving accurate MEP Estimates for a construction project. Our company promises to deal with highly accurate estimates to employ up to date Zip code-based material and labor costs to use RS Means and develop a cost database.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our main priority is to provide the precise and efficient delivery of MEP Estimates within quick time delivery that ranges from 24 to 48 hours. Our delivery time usually relies on the scope of a construction project and does not apply to the complex industrial project estimates.


MEP Estimates usually prefers to provide cost-efficient and affordable construction estimates to clients with a minute number of rates. We efficiently apply charges that specifically rely on the scope of work and vary from project to project.

There’s no possibility to charge an extra amount for certain amendments and comprehensive reviews while quoting 95% acceptance through our clients and shows encouragement to close with negotiations.

Try not to wait for more; contact us now and upload your construction project plans with specifications and details

What is the single trade price of our MEP estimating services?

We offer a specific trade takeoff of $200 approximately.
Our priority is to charge less than $100 for small comprehensive projects that demand a limited number of hours to get estimates.

Our experts at MEP Estimates manage to provide you with a quick quote within a few minutes after a comprehensive review of your plans.

What is the pricing for residential and commercial estimates?

We have a competitive rate that relies upon the scope and size of construction projects. It is the perfect time to upload your construction project plans in the button given below, and our team will efficiently review it and send you a quick quote within a few minutes.

How does our dedicated construction estimator manage things to price efficiently?

Our team of dedicated construction estimators struggles with different estimation expenses and deals with our in-house estimator that costs a comprehensive range of expenses. We consider the startup contractors and construction companies that deal with the MEP contractors and much more.

Our construction estimators manage to offer a dedicated construction estimator who works in the office and delivers 24/7 customer support.

We begin our construction estimate from $1500 per month

What are the main features we provide to our clients through our monthly estimating packages?

We provide the following set of features to our clients in our monthly takeoff packages.

  • Our professional estimator is productively committed to assisting with you and will manage to deliver the assigned task
  • Our company delivers outstanding customer support on weekends even
  • We provide a reliable customized service for our clients that involves cost codes, material codes, CSI format, etc.
  • Our 24/7 customer support is available on emails and live chat
  • We deliver zip-code pricing specifically for labor and material
  • Our comprehensive takeoff efficiently defines different line items that ensure a reliable marked-up plan