138KV Substation-Replacement And Remodeling

138KV Substation-Replacement and Remodeling

A renowned industrial chemical manufacturing facility requires replacing its existing obsolete and failing Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) in their 138V Substation. Moreover, this existing structure was rusted in reality and needed rapid repair from the base side. MEP Estimates modify the substation pipe bus system to add new 138kv isolation. It tends to disconnect switch foe into a new 4000-amp 138kv Gas Circuit Breaker (GCB) inclusive of new concrete foundation, control wiring, and integration of updated GCB controls into an existing relay system. All of their demands get accomplished with the facility that operates without any interrsuptions. Our professional experts have evaluated structural strengths and metal thickness by utilizing 3D imagining. We also identify the full structural strength, damaged areas to cut out and replaced with new steel welded in a single place. After that all the steel structure in the Substation and get cleaned to re-paint with a three-part epoxy paint system. It’s done while the facility continued to operate without the assistance of a power interruption. It also requires extensive detailed coordination in between utility provider, facility operations and management. We perform the complete quantity surveying along with a comprehensive proposal building for the bid and vendor quotation. We serve the task of Estimation for electrical and mechanical essential components.

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The actual Spirit of Estimation and quantification tends to complete the details, and a schedule is MEP’s success. Every estimator is expert enough to have projects independently with a comprehensive review through a senior estimator at our company. The actual project manager does not ensure the quality but also deliver a summary of the estimate to the relevant client.