Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter- Mechanical Manufacturing And Up Gradation

The general contractor tends to finish its project that consists of manufacturing on Bell Helicopter building 525. The total estimated area is 250,000 sq ft to manufacture facility for the updated 525 relentless helicopter program. MEP Estimation company perform their duties and extract the estimated cost of their complete two-pipe hydronic mechanical system that includes six 66500 CFM air rotation units, four 280 ton chillers, plumbing systems, breathing air piping and have nearly 2 miles of stainless steel with compressed air piping. Moreover, this relevant project entitles a designated “clean room” that requires 30 tons of sheet metal fabrication and installation. Our team of experts has performed their expertise to have the task of Estimation and quantifying of essential components and auxiliaries, i.e. mechanical and electrical. We also conduct a comprehensive survey along with detailed proposal building for the bid and as well as for vendor quotation. It helps to win the bud along with supplying the auxiliaries and specific items for vendors.

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The real spirit of Estimation and takeoffs and comprehensive details and schedules is one of MEP Estimators’ winnings. At MEP Estimates, every expert estimator is experienced enough to opt projects independently along with a thorough review through a senior estimator. The actual project manager ensures the quality to summarise the estimate to the specific client.