Football Stadium-Expansion And Remodeling

Football stadium-Expansion and remodeling

In West Texas, a general contractor desire to have an on-site football stadium that is now proved as accurate. It is originated in the fall of 2019 and has demonstrated a total capacity of more than 12,000 seats. This project utilizes MEP Estimates’ expertise and avails the opportunity for further expansion to 14,000 permanent seats. This project majorly includes a multiple story building with concourse-level suits, elevated clubs with seating areas, and a modern press box. Experts of MEP Estimates also provide full circulation for patron around the stadium and concession/restroom buildings. Our company is mainly proud to help them and be a part of the construction of this facility. This extensive project includes installing 132 water closes, 47 urinals, 88 lavatories, kitchen service equipment and fixtures, 140 tons of reliable air condition systems, and around 39,000 of piping. Our professional team of experts has helped them reach the task of Estimating and quantifying essential components and auxiliaries, i.e. mechanical and electrical. We generally survey the complete building for the bid along with a vendor quotation. They are thankful to us after having accurate results and win the bid and supply for the specific items of vendors.

MEP Estimates have comprehensive work details along with the industrial contractors as well as subcontractors that are attached below

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MEP Estimators mainly have a real spirit of Estimation and quantification and comprehensive details and schedules and proved to be a successor. Our Expert and reliable estimators are generally adept enough to opt projects through a senior estimator review. The actual project manager ensures quality and also provides a summary of the estimate to the client.