Rick Husband-Remodeling

Rick Husband-Remodeling of International Airport

Rick Husband International Airport is generally a vital project for the future economic growth in the Texas Panhandle. It is consisted of the specific addition of a new air terminal and remodels an existing facility. MEP Estimates took responsibility to handle this project that includes the installation of six Temtrol of air handling units, two chillers, pumps, controls and ductwork system. In addition to this mechanical work scope, the general contractor tended to complete the plumbing scope and assisted its place in updating a few existing pieces of equipment. Expert MEP Estimators generally have their expertise to obtain Estimation’s task and quantify the essential components and auxiliaries that relate to mechanical and electrical. Our experts perform their duty along with a survey and comprehensive building proposal for the bid and as well as for vendor quotation. Our results generally assist in winning the bid and supply the specific item for vendors.

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MEP Estimators is a proud name in having the qualitative spirit of Estimation and quantification and complete sort of details and schedules. Every particular estimator is expert enough to deal with the projects that have their own reviews through a senior estimator in this company. Our project manager will ensure quality and deliver you a summary of the estimate to the relevant client.