Substation Transformer

Substation Transformer- Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

The main Substation demands annual maintenance and repair as essential to maintain critical electrical equipment to operate appropriately. MEP Estimates mainly work along with our clients to identify and target problems within the power distribution systems. It demands the actual plan and requires repairs for annual scheduled outages to maintain in keeping their systems healthy and avoid unplanned interruptions while having a power distribution system.

In this particular situation, the automatic load tap changer (LTC) generally restricts operating due to a failure in the equipment to motorized tap changer mechanism. The actual problem is usually investigated; long lead time parts to identify and procure through an annual schedule outage to have their Substation of the LTC on the primary 22MVA transform to rebuild it. Expert MEP Estimators genuinely paved the quantity surveying and provided extensive proposal building for the bid and vendor quotation. Our estimates benefit the contractors by not only winning the bid but also helps in supplying the auxiliaries and items from vendors.

A comprehensive sample of our MEP works for the reliable contractors along with sub-contractors is attached below

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MEP Estimates attain a true spirit of Estimation and quantification along with long listing details and schedules. At our company, every expert estimator is skilled enough to deal with several projects on its own along with a review through a senior estimator. The specific project manager ensures quality and facilitates a summary of the estimate to the relevant client.